Plasterboard Supply

The right material is crucial for every construction and renovation project. To ensure durability, safety and cost-effectiveness, Absolute Plasterboard Services supplies high-quality plasterboard products.

We will discuss your requirements and give suitable recommendations based on your project and budget. If you’re not sure what supplies you need, our qualified tradesmen will personally guide you through the process.

We supply a wide range of plasterboard products including GIB standard boards, GIB speciality boards, screws, fasteners, adhesives, sealants and more. Whether you’re installing a waterproofing system or a soundproofing system, our experts can surely help you find the right supplies for your project. We offer quick delivery to avoid causing delays.

Gib Stopping in Auckland

Plasterboard GIB Stopping plays a crucial role in the plasterboard installation process. It takes skills and years of experience to get it right, and Absolute Plasterboard Services offers just that. Our team of fully trained installers have an eye for detail and are committed to delivering exceptional results.

If you’re spending time and money, then you should expect nothing below high-quality services. At Absolute Plasterboard Services, we promise that and more.

Our team has the skills and experience to take on all kinds of construction and renovation projects. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your project will be completed without blowing your budget. We ensure that all work is completed on time and to your satisfaction. We provide a superior finish at highly competitive rates.

Plasterboard Fixing

For any kind of GIB fixing, we are the ones you need to call. We use glue and screws, both to ensure that it gets fixed properly. We offer services of GIB installing as well as GIB fixing in Auckland. We understand the value of time and how delay in one task can cause further delays in other ongoing tasks. Hence, we keep quality and timely delivery of work at the heart of all our services. Whether it’s home renovations, new construction projects or small housing projects, we can do all kinds of GIB fixing.

Painting & Decorating

Whether you want a complete interior makeover or just need minor imperfections fixed, Absolute Plasterboard Services will gladly help you. Our team of creative and skilled painters can transform the look of your house with colours of your choice.

Are you moving into a new house or considering house renovations? Changing up the colours of your home is an effective and affordable way to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

At Absolute Plasterboard Services, we complete projects on time and to the highest standards. We tailor our services to meet individual needs and budgets. We use premier products for every project we undertake. If you don’t know which colour or design to choose, our team will help you pick the right colour and design for your space. We promise you’ll be delighted with our painting services.