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For any kind of GIB fixing, we are the ones you need to call. We use glue and screws, both to ensure that it gets fixed properly. We offer services of GIB installing as well as GIB fixing in Auckland. We understand the value of time and how delay in one task can cause further delays in other ongoing tasks. Hence, we keep quality and timely delivery of work at the heart of all our services. Whether it’s home renovations, new construction projects or small housing projects, we can do all kinds of GIB fixing.

Professional GIB Fixer in Auckland

There is an abundance of gib fixers out there in the market, but you can only trust a handful of them to deliver quality. And as we all know the quality of gib fixing determines the smooth finish on your walls and ceilings. So, to get the best value for your buck, you must hire reliable, trusted, professional gib fixers in Auckland. This is where Absolute Plasterboard Services specialises in. We offer you quality plasterboard installation and gib fixing in Auckland.

By using high-quality products and our expertise in the field, we ensure you smooth finish at affordable rates. Our clients love us because we strive hard to offer 100 percent customer satisfaction. And we totally mean it when we say, “We would do anything to keep you happy with our services.”

Our team of industry-leading gib fixers have a reputation for handling all kinds of projects — no matter their size. What’s more, we aren’t afraid of the muck. Which means we clean out the space after the work is done. We are very punctual and honest. We arrive on-site on time. This is done to ensure your plans don’t suffer due to a delayed service at our end.

We offer quality gib stopping throughout Auckland. If you have a project you need us to handle, call us now to discuss your requirements. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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